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Stephanie, how did the relationship develop for you? Tig: I had not dated women before, and I think when we first started spending time with each other, I was so into Tig and I was falling in love with her and I didn't know how to identify it because I thought I was straight.

I kept gravitating toward her and wanting to spend time with her, and then in the process of recognizing that in myself, I was like, "Oh my god, I am fully in love with this person." It kind of blew my mind in terms of sexual orientation, where you're like, "I'm this way, and it's black-and-white." I look back and go, "God, I closed the door that I had no idea what was behind it." Yeah, we were at Sundance — and this was right after we had just reconnected — and she wasn't feeling well and I put my hands on her shoulders, and it was like this electric feeling through my body where I'm like, "Oh my god, I love this person and care about this person," and it felt so comfortable to touch her.

She is the younger sister of Spencer Pratt, also a television personality.

In 2006, MTV developed the reality television series The Hills as the spin-off of Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County.

I spoke with the couple about what it's like to fall in love on camera.

Tig, you talk a lot about being in love and never really doubting your feelings and just it being the best thing in the world basically.

Some people, for whatever reason, get there sooner.

Now, Celebs Go Dating is back on our screens and Joey has returned for a second time.The fourth season saw Pratt's role increased, with more emphasis placed on her personal life and her past drug abuse. Tomorrow starts my month-long social media and blogging sabbatical, so this will be my last post until September 5th."It's so easy," she told, and her fiancée, Stephanie Allynne, chimed in: "We both talk about how we wake up every morning just thrilled." Notaro's documentary, called , follows the aftermath of her cancer diagnosis and the death of her mother — but it also documents the entirety of her relationship with Allynne, from their early days of friendship when Allynne, 29, identified as straight and Notaro, 42, as gay, to their recent struggles with finding a surrogate to start a family.And while the film is focused on Notaro, Allynne stands out as the most fascinating character: hilarious and compassionate, self-assured and strong.I read 8 books this month, so it was another great reading month for me.


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